Thursday, March 25, 2010

woosy woos, no noose, only a nose!

This morning I woke up to find something between me and the world. It tickled the mood quite harshly, if you know what I mean! What I mean is, I like to flip about, fly around, jump-hop-skip and feel the wind, rain, summer, spring, all of it. What I mean is that there are times, quite often you see, that I feel at one with the world. Like we are two peacefully, happy to be with each other, with not a worry to jab or poke us anywhere in the old bod. But this morning it was different. After much squinting and screeching and howling, the eyes had grown bleary and red. Can you imagine what a pain that was? First finding something between me and everything and then not being able to see it because the frustrating realisation of finding something between me and my beautiful world made me howl and screech? Oh what do I tell you! It made me jump on mother's flower beds and pound on the newly painted wall. It made me upset the jug of milk and stamp on a spaniel's tail who in turn shrieked in indignation and chased me around the colony. Ah..this barrage, this awful blockage, oh it ruined my morning indeed. And then, a fine breeze begin to blow, it danced with the maple trees and swayed the lemon stalks. It tugged open the flower buds and sprinkled the spices all about the air and soon this beautiful breeze was dancing and lifting everything up into the air and flinging it around and did seem very cheerful indeed! I was waiting for it to notice me and when it finally did, I made a very sorry face and sighed and pouted. It looked at me and laughed hard. "What makes you laugh, sweet breeze? Do you not see how sad I am?" I asked. "I know what bothers you, little one! I've come here just for you. I just felt the need for a little song-and-dance, you know...let everyone know I'm here! (At this point it outstretched its arms and made the flower pots tremble and the grass lie flat. It seemed a little vain, you know!) You do not need to convince me about your sadness with that funny face. (I have a funny face?! The pout was replaced with a frown.)" it replied. "For a start", it said, "Why don't you wipe those button eyes and find out what's made you so teary, little deary?" "I will be waiting here. Go on", it ushered with a flick so I was practically swept into the house...
I stood in front of the mirror in my bathroom. I squinted and looked hard. It hit me hard on the head. The evidence of the barrage, I mean. It was my nose. Now it hadn't grown any larger than it was the night before and I know because I know my own nose, you know what I mean? My nose was in between me and the world. To top it all, there was a fine rounded large boil that sat pink on the tip of my nose. I felt like the world was shutting me out. What had I done to anger it so? I rued and sighed and then I remembered the breeze. I ran out and it was still there, sitting quietly on a hammock in the backyard. "So, little one? Have you discovered your gift?", it said, springing up from a hammock and sending it flying till it hit the shed and fell in a pile, hurt and wounded. Now I realised that my realisation had made it worse. Now I couldn't see in front of me or above me or behind or anywhere without my nose coming in between. All i could see was my nose and its ornament that seemed to be proudly poised on it. "You must never feel sorry for yourself, little one. This is a gift. How many people do you think realise that they have a nose? Why, they smell most greedily if you place a dish of food in front of them and squiggle their noses and wiggle them in disapproval and in various different ways to make known their volatile moods but how many of them, pray tell me, notice it?" the breeze asked. "What is your name?" I asked it. "Today it is hoosh-haash, yesterday it was foorfoor" replied the breeze, I mean...hoosh-haash. "It is time now. Let us go." it said. "Where?" I cried out. Everything was moving too fast for me to think. Then I understood it was hoosh-haash's work. Lending an atmosphere was the utmost emergency. *sigh* "Don't just stand there and sigh. All you humans, always complaining and sighing and shouting...oh how I hate it! Now be a good little girl and place the third finger of your right hand on your pretty pot;
"Yes it must be the third finger, every finger sends out different signals. I don't want to land up in goblin land. I heard they're going through a bad time. Won't be welcome there!" it shuddered.
"Who is pretty pot?", I asked. "Oh come on! I thought you had a little more than goop in that tiny little brain of yours! Pretty pot is perched on your nose!! Be quick now! Hurry!" said hoosh-haash. I was feeling pretty sad. I was about to protest against the goop comment but it looked so angry that I did what it asked it.

What happened next? Oh boy oh boy oh boy! It was the wonder of wonders indeed. I must scamper off now but I will come back later and tell you what happened.

Till then! :)

Thunder thunder, torn asunder

The soft light caressed the curtains. Shabby, yet renewed in the glow. My thoughts fluttered from the ceiling to the web that stretched tightly across the corner of the room, to the bed, on which she lay. Quietly, sleeping. Her breath was beautiful. Measured, like the rhythm of rain on a parched ground. It fell on me, echoed through my being. I lowered my gaze on to her skin. I remembered it from 18 years ago. I inhaled her smell deeply to fill my senses. The thought that one day it might fly away from me and that I may never inhale it, never sense her close, never feel the warm breath from her lips comforting me in my helplessness stripped me of all thought. I lay close to the wall and looked at her again. I imagined her in a thousand different apparels. She looked the same.
I felt as if my spirit was being wrung out of me. That it was going to be threshed and laid bare for all to see and laugh at.
But c'est la vie!
Meanwhile, I shall go and hide under the red checked towel. The water droplets are still caught in its thatched fabric. They will cool my soul. I will look up and see spots of sun. I might smile.